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Shielding Your Boards from CrossTalk

Crosstalk problems? Excess EMI from noisy coupled circuits? Are your designs suffering from crosstalk-induced intermittents?

Don't want to setup a models library? Don't want to endlessly search for IBIS models? Don't want to go to back to school for a specialty in Signal Integrity? Don't want to laboriously model crosstalk coupling on your own complex spreadsheets?

Solve your problems now, without behavioral models and the overhead of models library management, with SPECCTRA and AutoTools.

SPECCTRA's sophisticated crosstalk management system will watch over each victim net to keep the induced crosstalk within your defined acceptable limit. SPECCTRA does this by accumulating all crosstalk contributions that couple to your target net.

SPECCTRA needs to know how much any adjacent net individually couples to the target net, so somehow we have to put the Physics into SPECCTRA.

That's where AutoTools comes in.

Using the world-renowned GreenField Quantic Engine, AutoTools analyzes and simulates your board stackup and determines how much a net in one class couples to a net in another class as the nets route their way around the board. It does this without the need for behavioral or Spice models using a simple electrical technology approach that succeeds at managing crosstalk.

AutoTools produces a complete noise coupling DO file, ready to be loaded into SPECCTRA.

SPECCTRA sees your maximum allowable noise level as a conflict to be managed and will reroute nets until they are less than this crosstalk value.

SPECCTRA will report the total crosstalk accumulated on each net and the individual contributions from all aggressor nets that produced this total, contributions from nets on the same layer and on adjacent layers. So, even if SPECCTRA can't eliminate every crosstalk conflict, it gives you the information you need to directly resolve any remaining crosstalk conflicts.

AutoTools can be setup to model intricate class-to-class crosstalk coupling in minutes, not hours, even before the board is placed. So, while you're placing and autorouting, AutoTools can run the complete crosstalk analysis in parallel and have the noise-coupling DO File ready and waiting for you.

You can even use SPECCTRA and AutoTools to do backend checks of crosstalk on any of your boards, even if they weren't autorouted in SPECCTRA and were routed by hand!

AutoTools does not require Signal Integrity training.

It's ideal for PCB Designers and Engineers.

Inexpensive, easy-to-use and simple and fast to setup, AutoTools is the immediately usable way to ensure that your designs are shielded from the dangers of crosstalk.

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