DFM SPECCTRA OnSite Training

DFM is the SPECCTRA Trainer that uses SPECCTRA daily in a quickturn, production environment autorouting dense, hi-speed designs.

We make SPECCTRA work

Better, Faster, with Fewer Layers, Fewer Vias and Fewer Attempts

Learn SPECCTRA from the Autorouter Experts who use SPECCTRA everyday for the world's leading, most demanding Internet, Network, Telecomm and Consumer Product OEMs. We have a long list of satisfied autorouting AND training clients.

We Teach the Big Picture

One of the greatest difficulties in learning SPECCTRA is not seeing the forest for the trees. When the ancients thought the Earth was the Center of the Universe, they were forced to create extremely complex formulas for predicting the motions of the heavens. When Copernicus shifted their perspective so the Sun became the center, all those formulas got very simple overnight.

Let us shift your thinking about SPECCTRA and simplify your autorouting world. Let us make SPECCTRA for you the simple, powerful tool it was designed to be. And because you don't know what knowledge you might be missing if you're missing it, we fill in any holes in your learning by covering the full scope of SPECCTRA capabilities.

We Naturally Do Custom Application-Oriented Training for You

Our training content is complete and well-defined, but we tailor our training focus towards your company's designs and goals. There is no additional charge for making your training targeted and immediately productive. We organize follow-up custom training agendas and regularly do Application Sessions where we develop full DO files for routing your complex boards as examples for Design Specific training and to facilitate your own production schedules.

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