How Do I Get MakeDO E for FREE?
We created MakeDO E to make it easier for you to use SPECCTRA. We're offering it to you for FREE to encourage you to use the latest best version of SPECCTRA.

MakeDO E, with a retail price of $500, is available FREE to all SPECCTRA Users on current Cadence SPECCTRA Support.

You may install one License of MakeDO E for each SPECCTRA License you have on SPECCTRA Support.

Can I Get MakeDO E if I'm not on Current SPECCTRA Support?
Yes, you can purchase MakeDO E from DFM for $500 per copy.

How Do I Get Additional Copies of MakeDO E?
If you need additional copies of MakeDO E, you can purchase them from DFM for $500 per copy.

For instance, if you have one copy of SPECCTRA on Support, and you share it with four SPECCTRA Users, you can get one copy of MakeDO E for FREE and can purchase three additional copies so all your users have a copy of MakeDO E.

Can I Use MakeDO E with UNIX?
MakeDO E is a Windows program but it works with DO Files from any sources - Editors and CAD Systems - and from both Windows and UNIX-based programs.

MakeDO E includes a 'Carriage Return/Line Feed' replacement capability for tranferring UNIX-formatted files to DOS-compatible formatting.

What Information Will I Need to Get My FREE MakeDO E License?
You will need to submit the portion of your SPECCTRA License File that shows current SPECCTRA Support. This is found in the 'Features' section of your SPECCTRA License File.

Your SPECCTRA License File is often typically named 'license.dat'. It is an ASCII text file.

Just cut-and-paste the entire portion labeled 'Features' into the MakeDO E License Request Form.

You do not need to find the special, particular 'Feature' entry for SPECCTRA Licensing. The DFM MakeDO E License Server will search all the Features in your License File and find the proper entry for SPECCTRA Support.

You can find the Link for getting MakeDO E for FREE within the MakeDO section of the DFM Website.

How is MakeDO E Licensed?
MakeDO E is licensed with a KeyCode authorization license.

You do NOT need to provide any specific machine information.

How Do I Get MakeDO E?
You can download the MakeDO E executable from the MakeDO License Server.

Upon successfully submitting your License Request, you will receive your Keyword Authorization License by email.

How Many Copies of MakeDO E Can I Install?
You can install one copy of MakeDO E for each SPECCTRA License you have on current Cadence Support.

When you apply for your FREE MakeDO E License, please enter the number of SPECCTRA Licenses you have on Support.

We rely on you to obey the terms of the MakeDO E License Agreement and to install only as many copies of MakeDO E as match the number of SPECCTRA Licenses you have on Support.

What Else Should I Download?
Please download the MakeDO E eBooklet. The eBooklet also includes complete information on MakeDO E+.

This Guide is an illustrated Getting Started and User Reference Guide that complements the built-in MakeDO E Help.

What is MakeDO E+?
MakeDO E+ is a powerfully enhanced version of MakeDO E that adds full CAD Data SyntaxChecking, CAD Data List Displays and the DO Better Editing Suite with built-in DO Intelligence.

CAD Data errors in DO Files (Netlists, Netnames, Pin Numbers, Reference Designators, Classes, FromTOs, etc) are quickly detected by MakeDO E+.

You can request an Evaluation copy of MakeDO E+ from the MakeDO E License Server Download Site at no obligation.

What CAD Databases Can I Use as an Input to MakeDO E+?
The CAD Data input MakeDO E+ uses to check your DO File are SPECCTRA Design Files or OrCAD Schematic Files.

What is a SPECCTRA Design File?
A SPECCTRA Design File is the ASCII database that is output from your PCB CAD System as the input to SPECCTRA.

This file is commonly created with the file extension DSN.

Some CAD System use specific file names different than DSN.

Mentor BoardStation creates a SPECCTRA Design File with the name ART_S_IN.

OrCAD Layout creates a SPECCTRA Design File with a CCT Extension.

Many CAD System start SPECCTRA from within their own CAD System environment - so you may not usually see the SPECCTRA Design File. However, all these systems have an output option to produce a standalone SPECCTRA Design File for you to use as an input to MakeDO E+ .

How DO I Get MakeDO E+?
MakeDO E+ is available for purchase from DFM. All MakeDO Products require the purchase of 1st Year MakeDO Support at the time of product purchase.

How is MakeDO E+ Licensed?
MakeDO E+ is licensed with a FlexLM Floating License.



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