SPECCTRA AutoRouting

  • Expert AutoRouting for digital, analog, mixed technology and hi-density BGAs.
  • Full hi-speed design capabilities and crosstalk control using AutoTools.
  • 7/24 routing on our fast CPUs, multiple SPECCTRA Fast Circuit autorouters.
  • Best quality, lowest prices, quickest turnaround, no premiums.
  • Buy It If You Like It, NO-Risk Guarantee for First-Time Clients.

DFM treats your designs with the same care and concern and precision you do.

Whether you're an OEM, Service Bureau, Consultant or Engineer, we review every constraint and goal so we produce only the highest quality results.

Since we AutoRoute for the most leading edge internet and telecom companies in N. America, we're constantly expanding and evolving our capabilities with SPECCTRA to meet the latest new technology challenges.

We are the SPECCTRA Trainers for major OEMs and produce MakeDO and AutoTools software for enhanced SPECCTRA routing.

Let us apply our expert knowledge to your next designs.

You'll be amazed at what DFM and SPECCTRA can do for you.

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