MakeCAP Technology

MakeCAP expands your capability to drive the constraint-driven Allegro property flow from Capture while preserving the default built-in bidirectional forward and backward flow between Capture and Allegro.

The MakeCAP technology is comprised of two levels of features:

  • Features to enhance the existing property flow.
  • Enhanced Power features to make the Capture Desktop Allegro Aware andextend the flow to XNets and TPoints. XNets and TPoints are fully supported in the default flow between Capture and Allegro but they need MakeCAP to make this process intelligent..

MakeCAP is ideal for entering and capturing Design Intent in the Capture frontend to drive the constraint-driven flow to Allegro PCB Editor and Constraint Manager. Use MakeCAP to preload your Capture schematic with all your properties to handoff and communicate to your oursourced design and manufacturing vendors. Use the Allegro Aware features to have visibility and see and review Allegro properties from your Capture Desktop.

MakeCAP Product Overview Datasheet (pdf)

MakeCAP Products are available worldwide exclusively through Authorized Cadence Channel Partners. View MakeCAP Distributors >

There are three versions of MakeCAP tailored to fit the needs of every Engineer and Designer:

For Net and Part properties.

For the Engineer and Designer to easily define, review and modify Net and Part properties in the built-in Capture-Allegro flow.

MakeCAP Power
For Net and Part properties.

For the Engineer and Designer to work from an advanced Allegro Aware Capture desktop. Use the MakeCAP enhanced flow to control XNets and TPoints and see Allegro inherited hierarchical properties and Constraint Sets not normally visible in Capture. Easily define, review and modify Net and Part properties. All properties, including those based on XNets and TPoints, still flow forward and backward within the normal unmodified built-in Capture-Allegro flow preserving all Allegro data integrity.

MakeCAP NetPower
For Net properties.

All the functionality of MakeCAP Power for the Engineer and Designer that manages Part properties with CIS.

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