SPECCTRA Brain-Training from DFM

  • Learn more than DO Files, Learn SPECCTRA!
  • SPECCTRA training for new users and experienced users.
  • Learn from the SPECCTRA specialists who route with SPECCTRA everyday.
  • Application training for your types of designs.
  • Special seminars for Engineers on how to get the most from SPECCTRA for your designs.
  • Proven, complete Turnkey programs designed for your company to successfully make SPECCTRA an integral tool in your product development cycle.

We can teach how SPECCTRA works because we make it work everyday. We teach you the same successful approach we use to autoroute for the most demanding internet and telecom OEMs.

We take the perspective that no ASIC Designer works without a great ASIC tool, and every great PCB Designer should be working with SPECCTRA.

Expert with SPECCTRA, DFM has a long heritage of design experience and understanding of what it takes to make SPECCTRA a successful part of your methodology from a designeržs point-of-view.

From the latest submm BGAs, to questions of constraint management and handoff, to questions of hi-speed performance and even the intrinsic question of what makes a good design good, we help you bring SPECCTRA into the heart of your design process for better boards, faster turnaround and the optimal productivity of your most precious resources, your PCB Designers and Engineers.

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