Our Mission Statement

To improve Customer products, time-to-market, electrical performance and reliability, design and engineering productivity and processes, cost reduction and increased profits. To do so with integrity and with our Customer’s interests paramount. Your success is our success.


DfM is a Cadence Connections Partner supporting the Allegro Constraint-driven hi-speed Flow.

We do this by Designing, Training and creating Tools.

We do it for you. We teach you how to do it. We make Tools to help you do it.

This is our Pyramid of Core Competency.

We successfully use the Allegro technology and roadmap new and creative application processes.

We teach and train Allegro Users how to use their Allegro technology successfully and how to apply our latest proven processes to their Designs. This drives us to create new solutions to our Customers’ real-time new technical challenges.

Based on our use of the Allegro technology and the needs of our Customers to solve new packaging initiatives, we continually develop and produce new MakeGood Software Tools to complement Allegro products. These include MakeCAP for the Capture front-end constraint-driven flow and MakeDO for the Allegro PCB Router.

Founded in 1994 by David Price, DfM became the leading exponent of applying and expressing PCB Design Intent through the CCT Autorouter technology, SPECCTRA.

Upon the acquisition of CCT by Cadence Design Systems, DfM expanded its charter to the use support of the Allegro constraint-driven flow centered on the powerful Allegro Constraint Manager and its expression in the Allegro PCB Router (formerly SPECCTRA).

We specialize in hi-density packaging, DDR memory and hi-speed Interface routing, HDI, complex timing and Design Intent expressed in the Constraint-driven OrCAD Capture & Allegro PCB flows.

Our customers span many markets and include:

  • Fortune 500;
  • Military, defense and government labs;
  • Networking,
  • Telecommunication,
  • Medical,
  • Process controls and core computer development; and
  • Leading edge startups.

Our Design Services including Design Intent Constraint Capture, Technology Roadmapping, Consulting and Autorouting using Allegro route technology.

We train Users in all these areas OnSite, at Engineering Seminars and via the Web.

We sell and support the complete family of MakeGood Products – MakeCAP, MakeDO, MakeOUT/Allegro, MakeDiff and AutoTools – developed with our affiliated Development and IP partner, LP Technology LLC.

MakeCAP Products include MakeCAP, MakeCAP NetPower and MakeCAP Power. MakeCAP constraint-flow products are sold exclusively in N. America by EMA Design Automation and worldwide through Authorized Cadence Channel Partners.

DfM is proud to be an active Cadence Connections Partner and the author of the Allegro PCB Router Workshop presented with Cadence Design Systems.

DfM serves Engineers, Designers and Engineering Managements worldwide. A Sole Proprietorship based in Keene, NH, we have offices on the East and West Coasts.



David Price
President, DFM

David Price has a lifetime of experience working with Engineers and Designers, creating and using design methodologies to successfully express and execute Engineering Design Intent and IP as PCB physical packaging for best electrical performance, quality, yield, reliability and cost.

He has experience as:

  • OEM Executive Management (CEO),
  • Fabrication Management (COO),
  • Design Services Management (President and Founder, DfM; President and Founder, Pactite) and
  • Software ECAD Tools Development (General Partner and Founder, LP Technology, LLC).

David has extensive Engineering and Design history with all phases of hi-speed dense PCB Packaging and with a variety of ECAD and SI technologies, specializing in Allegro routing technologies.

He received his BS Engineering from Case Western Reserve University.

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