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  • Shield your boards from the terrors of crosstalk with AutoTools and SPECCTRA!
  • True Noise-Coupled CrossTalk Control.
  • Putting the Physics in SPECCTRA without Models!

Specify crosstalk as real mV of noise per net, let SPECCTRA manage your routing driven by an AutoTools generated noise-control DO File and get crosstalk-contained, quiet routing.

AutoTools provides SPECCTRA with true noise-coupled crosstalk control without using Behavioral or Spice models. AutoTools produces the complete noise-coupled DO file, ready to drive your SPECCTRA crosstalk option.

Using the famous GreenField-based boundary element Quantic Engine, AutoTools puts the Physics in SPECCTRA.

Driven by AutoTools, SPECCTRA will produce a complete report of mV noise by net and details on all contributions from aggressor nets.

For SPECCTRA users who would like us to produce AutoTools noise-coupled DO File for yos, we'll do the analysis and create the DO File for your use as a service.

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