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AutoTools DO Service

AutoTools Do Files for your SPECCTRA AutoRouting.
We produce the noise-coupled DO file, You DO the Routing.

We can quickly and easily collect from you all the necessary information to produce the complete noise-coupling DO File you need to manage crosstalk with your SPECCTRA AutoRouter.

Here's what we need:

  • Your SPECCTRA DSN file
  • A complete cross-sectional stackup from your fab shop
  • The classes you want to control for maximum crosstalk
  • The classes that you think will produce noise
  • Simple electrical characteristics of these classes:
  • dV/dT of the source
  • The source impedance
  • The receiver impedance

That's it... that's all we need.

Available 24/7, we can have your AutoTools noise-coupling DO File ready when you need it. And since we just need a DSN file as input, we can create your DO File long before youšve completed your final placement and are ready for routing.

Why guess if you're noise-free?

Be sure ­ the AutoTools way.

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