MakeCAP Property Flow

Where MakeCAP fits in the Capture-Allegro property flow.

MakeCAP enhances the default Capture-Allegro flow and does not introduce any additional flow or affect the property data integrity of the existing flow. It adds powerful tools for controlling properties and adds Allegro Awareness to the Capture Desktop to allow the default flow to support XNets and TPoints amongst many other productivity advances.

MakeCAP Capture Flow Datasheet (pdf)

Built-in bidirectional property flow between Capture and Allegro.

Net and Part properties in Capture flow to Allegro when you netlist forward.

Part property changes and Net-level property changes in Allegro and Constraint Manager automatically backannotate to Capture. Hierarchically properties do not propagate from Allegro to Capture.

Capture built-in property database.

Within the Capture DSN resides a property database associated with the schematic Nets and Parts.

Within Capture is a Property Editor for adding, deleting and changing properties. This Editor modifies only one Net or Part at a time and has no error checking.

MakeCAP works directly with the Capture DSN.

MakeCAP does not need Capture to be open or a Capture License present, it is fully self-supporting.

It reads the Capture DSN file, displays all Nets, Parts and Pins and provides a powerful eady-to-use environment for adding, deleting and modifying properties.

MakeCAP writes properties directly back to the Capture DSN as well as writes Update files.

Bidirectional cross-probing between MakeCAP and Capture.

If Capture is present and open then MakeCAP and Capture can cross-probe. Selecting and highlighting Nets and Parts in either tool will select in both.

MakeCAP’s PagePilot lets you navigate in the Capture schematic from within MakeCAP.

MakeCAP Power makes the Capture Desktop Allegro Aware.

The Enhanced Flow imports a Constraint Manager DCF file to display XNets, Constraint Sets and inherited hierarchical properties and imports a Router DSN file to display TPoints.

PinPairs can be created for XNets and TPoints, constrained in MakeCAP and these PinPairs and properties will netlist naturally from Capture to Allegro for control of the hi-speed Allegro flow from the Capture frontend.

Once Pinpairs and constraints are defined in Capture using XNets and TPoints, they are fully supported in the default flow between Capture and Allegro. They need MakeCAP to make this process intelligent and usable.

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